Thursday, 24 August 2017

Selection of Songs and Stories

<em>A.L.Lloyd and the Australian Folk Revival</em> As a 16 year old A.L.Lloyd was sent from England to Australia ... his family like so many had been decimated by the effects of the Great War and Lloyd's voyage to Australia was organised by the British Legion in a scheme whereby he was designated to work as a farm labourer. He arrived in Sydney on SS Euripedes in 1924.

He spent six years working mostly on sheep stations in NSW. He returned to England in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression carrying in his head a number of Australian bush songs he'd heard from his fellow workers. He also carried his experience of trade unionism in ihe bush as a member of the Pastoral Workers Union which he'd joined in 1925.

Lloyd educated himself in the bush on the NSW Stevenson Station via the Bush Workers Postal Loan Scheme run by the Sydney Library Service.

Back in London in the period of massive unemployment he educated himself about folk song and folk lore in the British Library. He was to become a major influence on the folk song revival in Britain and to be regarded as one of country's most influential folklorists. His influence would extend to the United States, Canada and Australia.

This presentation is designed allow you explore the fascinating and complicated influence of Lloyd on the 1950s folksong revival in Australia. You will have to opportunity to discover the many sides of Bert Lloyd that reached back to Australia between 1939 and his brief return visit in 1970.

Sovay the Female Highwayman (A.L.Lloyd)

Children Folklore broadcast (A.L.Lloyd)

The Drover's Dream (A.L.Lloyd)

Shickered As He Could Be (A.L.Lloyd)

Rocking the Cradle (A.L.Lloyd)

Click Go the Shears (A.L.Lloyd)

Click Go the Shears (Burl Ives)

Morton Bay (Simon McDonald)

The Golden Vanity (Simon McDonald)

The Bare Belled-Ewe 1891 version of Click Go the Shears
(Chloe and Jason Roweth)

Peg and Awl (Pete Seeger)

The Contract Horse Breaker (A.L.Lloyd)

Hold On Hamilton (A.L.Lloyd)

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ewan MacColl & A.L.Lloyd – South Australia

Lloyd and MacColl along with an array of backing musicians initiated a new approach to singing sailors songs and sea shanties. In some ways they became a standard guide for the younger folk singers in America, Britain and Australia.

A.L.Lloyd – John Barleycorn

Doc Watson – Three Days with Doc – A.L.Lloyd