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A.L.Lloyd – Bush Ballads 1965

The Canberra Times 20 Aug 1965  p. 15.


Dave Arthur in his 2012 biography 'Bert the Life and Times of A.L.Lloyd' records that in October 1969 Douglas Cleverdon directed a Commonwealth Festival concert of Australian songs and ballads at the Royal Court, in which he used Bert and Martin Carthy along with contemporary poets. 

An Australian Poet who is not mentioned in the article but who was present is the now famous Les Murray.

The stage design by the celebrated Australian artist Arthur Boyd involved slides of Boyd's paintings projected onto a twelve-foot screen. As part of the same festival Bert performed a programme of sea shanties, accompanied by Alf Edwards on concertina, entitled The Seven Seas. 

For this, in addition to Martin Carthy, Bert brought in Enoch Kent, Anne Briggs and Bob Davenport (one of Bert's favourite singers). Bert sang 'Do Me Ama', 'The Maid on the Shore' and 'The Rambling Sailor'. 

Carthy sang 'The Dockyard Gate', 'The Ship in Distress' and 'The Green Beds', 

Briggs did 'Lowlands of Holland' and 'Lowlands', 

Davenport belted out 'Little Sally Racket', 'Go to Sea Once More', 'Greenland Fishery', 'Lord Franklin' and 'Rounding the Horn', 

Kent sang 'Lovely on the Water' and 'Farewell Nancy' and they all joined in on 'Heave Away My Johnny', The Diamond' and 'Leave Her Johnny Leave Her'

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