Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Singer, Song and Scholar

About Singer, Song and Scholar

This sampler of the strength and variety of folksong scholarship since A.L. Lloyd presents eleven contributions from major conferences in England. An array of differing approaches is adopted from folkloristics and cultural studies, through ethnomusicology, to social history and literary criticism, with the emphasis on breaking new ground.

The SINGER element is represented by a study of the changing concept of 'tradition bearer', together with researches into two such individuals-a London-based Irish traveller and a sheep farmer from the Yorkshire Pennines.

For SONG, the findings of recent research into family manuscripts in Orkney and Shetland are analysed. The relationship of musical tradition in an East Suffolk village is considered, as well as a theoretical discussion of the importance of social and historical context to our understanding of the subject as a whole.

The SCHOLAR is, of course, A.L. Lloyd, whose seminal work, Folk Song in England, is examined alongside his contribution to the study of industrial song. There is also a valuable bibliography of his writings.

The CONTRIBUTORS are Dave Arthur, Georgina Boyes, Alan Bruford, Jim Carroll, Vic Gammon, Dave Harker, Roy Palmer, Carole Pegg, Michael Pickering, Ian Russell and Leslie Shepard. The volume is well illustrated with musical transcriptions, photographs and figures.

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